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So I guess this is “Kelly gives stuff she crochets to people she admires at HeroesCon” part 2. I actually met Kelly Sue DeConnick in Durham a few weeks back at a signing and she was amazing. Captain Marvel was actually my first Marvel comic I got into and it turned out to be a gateway drug for other Marvel comics. It’s so good. The characters are relatable, the story is interesting, and it feels like a comic that truly connects to male and female fans alike.

It seems only natural then that I had to crochet Kelly Sue a Captain Marvel. I had intended to make it a surprise but I am really bad at keeping secrets so I just posted a picture of her and Tong on Tumblr. AND THEN SHE REBLOGGED IT which I didn’t see coming. Regardless, it was awesome to give it to her. She was insanely nice and energetic.

AND GUYS SHE HAD THE AMI AT THE CAROL CORPS PANEL. I don’t have a photo of the panel because we snuck in late but I swear she did. The Carol Corps panel she ran was really fun, especially with the lovely flatbear and cheeseburgerdanvers on the panel. (Although I’m pretty nervous about the Enemy from Within event now.) All of the discussions were very thoughtful. Captain Marvel fans are a great bunch and it makes me really happy to be part of that. 

Thanks again Kelly Sue for being so nice, for making great comics, for hosting a wonderful panel, and just for everything. You rock!

Once again, my fabulous BFF Chiki took these photos of Kelly Sue reacting and posing with the ami. She also took the photo of me posing with Captain Marvel like a dork in my mom’s kitchen. 

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